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Sistemas en Montevideo, Montevideo

  • Salario: A convenir
  • Categoría: Informática / Telecomunicaciones
  • Subcategoría Sistemas
  • Localidad: Montevideo
  • Activo desde: 10/10/2019 - 11:30:16 am
  • Jornada: Tiempo Completo
  • Tipo de Contrato: Contrato por tiempo indefinido
  • Fecha de Contratación: 31/10/2019
  • Cantidad de Vacantes: 1
  • Educación Mínima: Educación Técnico/Profesional
  • Años de Experiencia: 3
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Disponibilidad de viajar: No
  • Disponibilidad de cambio de residencia: No

OKTANA as a software development studio, we?re driven by the challenge to write the best code out there!

Our squad of 120+ developers, quality assurance and designers is filled with all kinds of curious thinkers and doers fueled with ample amounts of coffee and mate. We?ve been involved with cloud computing and mobile development for years, and the thirst is real for continued forward-thinking.

Here at Oktana, we don?t believe in a structure of ?office layers?, instead we push for collaboration in order to find a multitude of solutions.

Being a team of energetic creators, we?re constantly challenging each other?s theories to perfect practices. We believe that imagination is the key to innovation, connecting dots and adopting dynamic working algorithms for successful products.

We?re more than just a team, we?re a family! Join us on our journey and be a part of the four pillars that make us Oktana ? Work. Play. Technology. Innovation.


A manager makes sure his team/teams follow the processes as expected and comply with client standards. Has an excellent level of communication with the client and team members, specially with the TL.

Engage the client with the company and team.
Help TL to manage his team.
Perceive potential team issues, both technical and personal problems.
Understand the big picture of the project but not care about the small details.

Meet regularly with TL, to discuss team and resources performance.
Meet regularly with client, to get feedback on the project and the team members.
Provide mentoring and/or assign mentors.
Be aware of the project roadmap.
Manage resources according to the team needs.

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Localizada en Montevideo, Montevideo.
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